Sedona Public Library Browser Extension

The Sedona Public Library LibX browser extension makes searching the library catalog for items as simple as the click of a button! Click here for additional details, including installation instructions for Firefox and Chrome. Download the Internet Explorer extension here.

#1: Right-Click to Search Catalog

It couldn't be any easier. In your browser, highlight any text with your mouse, then right-click and select "LibX" then "Search Catalog." A new tab will open, containing your library catalog search results.

#2: Visual Cues

If the library has a resource related to the page you are visiting, an icon will appear.

For example, an icon appears when searching for the book "Einstein: His Life And Universe" on

Clicking the icon will open a new tab searching for that item in the library catalog.

#3: Advanced Search From Anywhere

An advanced search of the library catalog is also available from any webpage, just by clicking the extension icon in your browser.