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By: David Keeber, Library Director
For: Red Rock News
Date: February 20, 2009

Staff at Sedona Public Library

Through the years, many people have worked at Sedona Public Library as staff.  They have been the linchpins in our continued excellent service to the community.  Many staff are familiar to our users as they are the front line folks with whom the public works on a daily basis. Others are less familiar to our users.  I thought it would be a good idea to tell you a bit about all of the staff so you have a better knowledge of those folks who make your Library the vibrant place that it is.

Patricia Lowell, Head of Adult Services, has been working at SPL in service to the public for the past 20 years.  She serves as the organization's "genetic memory" due to that long history.  While she has a background in bookkeeping, when she came to this role, she found her heart's content.  Finding the answers for so many people over the years, all the while with a smile on her face and in her heart, has endeared her to thousands.

Mia Fliers serves as Head of Circulation, ensuring that the books get checked in and out, reshelved, and all the many questions that go with keeping 75,000 items in order are answered.  Formerly a college instructor, her orderliness and good nature has allowed this crucial aspect of the Library to function like a machine.

Pam Comello, Youth Services Librarian, is responsible for all services directed at children 0 – 18 years.  That broad range is a challenge as the needs of the users change so over those years.  A former school teacher, Pam has built a wonderful collection of books and more to serve beginning readers, avid readers, challenged readers and of course, their parents.  Programming such as Summer Read Club, Music for Tots, Sing, Say and Sign, and even children's cooking classes are the hallmarks of her efforts to make readers of all children.

Sheila Tressler, one of our newest staff members, is Head of Technical Services.  She is responsible for cataloging and covering all the items in the collection.  If you can find it in the catalog, it is because she is ensures that the record is accurate.  Recently transplanted from Hawaii, she ran the library at a boy's school, and also worked at a university library.

Art Budilowsky  is Information Technology guru.  As libraries grow more dependent on computers, Art makes everything work seamlessly.  Upon his arrival here at SPL, he converted an older and overly complex system into a modern and elegantly designed system that is secure, lean and fast.  He is also a killer bargain hunter so when new equipment is purchased, we get it at the very best price possible.  More bang for our buck!

Dotte Vande Linde manages the Village Service Center.  Originally, Dotte was a volunteer at the Circulation desk, but I asked \ herto serve as our Volunteer Coordinator.  After a number of years  in that position she asked to manage the the Village site when it opened in 2005. She is remarkable as she is our oldest staff member and she possesses boundless energy.  As that location grows, Dotte has managed it with clear attention to making library services in the Village a reality.

Karen Greenwood, Volunteer Coordinator, has her hands full as she manages the more than 100 active volunteers who bolster our staffing levels.  She is responsible for vetting in any new volunteer and serves as liaison between those willing souls and the staff.  In a former life, she was an elementary school librarian and even taught fitness for the City of Bellview, Washington.

Andrea Lhotka, Reference Librarian, Interlibrary Loan Librarian, and Technical Services Assistant, clearly wears many hats.  Our youngest staff member, she came to SPL from Tucson.  She brought her experience at the Tucson Museum of Art Research Library and at the U of A university library to Sedona and has proven an invaluable member of our team.

Marcela Saldivia-Berglund is our Latino Services Librarian and a Reference Assistant.  She was a professor at the university level and brings a deep and varied body of life experience to her role serving the Latino community of Sedona.  Her goal is to both make library users of a population for whom this is not a cultural norm, and to bridge the gap between the Latino community and the rest of Sedona.

Sylvia Frost, Technical Services Assistant, was formerly the head of cataloging at Notre Dame University and taught cataloging at the University of Indiana.  She assists Ms. Tressler to ensure that additions to our collection are processed quickly, accurately and properly.

Daryl Lusher works with Pam Comello in Youth Services.  Previously, she was a school librarian in California and also taught kindergarten and middle school.  That experience allows her the background to make our services to youth so vital.

Dorothy Englund assists Mia Fliers in Circulation, working at the desk, ensuring full volunteer staffing, andis  a much needed pair of hands at this busy location in the Library.

Lynn Siler ,another Reference Assistant, typically works on weekends and Monday nights.  She previously worked at Flagstaff Public Library and now enjoys working part-time.  Her years working as a librarian made her an excellent choice to fill this seat.

Melinda Haas is our newest staff member and is our Administrative Services Manager.  She manages the bookkeeping, purchasing, and much more.  She too came from California to Sedona, but has found her true home here.  We are very glad to have her working with us.

John Schaefer is our Building Mechanic.  His range of skills affords the Library the ability to keep things in tip-top condition.  He left a former career in plumbing and I have been very glad to have his skill set to maintain this beautiful and important structure.

That covers our staff list.  Please come to know them better than this short description affords.  Were it not for this talented and dedicated group of staff, working in partnership with the volunteers, I doubt that the Sedona Public Library would enjoy its deserved reputation for excellent service.  They are to be thanked.

David Keeber
David Keeber, author of this week's article,
is Director of the Sedona Public Library.

Library News appears each Friday in the Red Rock News
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