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Step 1... THE CLUE

Camera and phones,
music and games,
you won't be thrown
by the latest acclaims.

The greatest danger
lies in the allure,
tech's a zombie-maker
if you don’t know the cure.

The access to data
can be like a drug,
but your life will be left in beta
if you don’t learn to unplug.

Balance is vital
you know it's the truth.
Even Sloth isn't idle
throughout his whole youth.

For this next clue
it's brains you'll nom-nom
show me the other you

Email your zombie face to
A reply will be sent including the password you'll need for this page.
Be patient, sloths don’t reply to email very quickly!
(Tip for Sloths In Training: the program doesn't like glasses much so use a picture with nothing on your face.)