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Quilts Showcase Local Talent

It must be January in Sedona. Just in time to ward off the post-holiday blues and to brighten up some otherwise dreary and wet days, the quilts are up and visitors and residents are flocking in to see them.

This year, Sedona Public Library’s Annual Quilt Show features 64 quilts, showcasing the creativity of our local quilters against the architectural beauty of the Library. The show runs through Saturday, February 27.

Quilter’s Store Sedona is sponsoring this event, and we’re grateful to store owner Cynthia Cunningham for continuing this tradition. As always, the diverse display of traditional and contemporary quilts is stunning.

As you wander through the aisles looking at quilts and reading the handout, the love that is poured into these quilts will be evident. Look for the quilts mentioned below, created by members of the Sedona Public Library “family.”
“The Missions” (#12) is the work of volunteer Sandy Kreml, who works at the Circulation Desk. After Sandy traveled to the Franciscan missions with her brother, a priest, she designed this quilt and included St. Francis’ and St. Clare’s likenesses to tie them together. Quilted by Mary Bailey.

“Pinwheel Star” (#27) is also by Sandy. This is her second quilt, which she made in 2002. She appreciates the old fabrics she used to make this. Quilted by Andrea Marquez.

“Arizona Sunflowers” (#17) was created by staff member Katherine Merlino. She used a pattern from the book, “Heirloom Quilts from Old Tops” by Patricia Morris and Jeanette Muir.

Katherine did the applique and piecing by hand and machine. The quilting was done by hand.
“Blossoming Tree” (#29) is also by Katherine. The inspiration for this quilt came from the rich eggplant and rust fabric that Katherine used for the large triangular shapes. She enjoyed choosing the coordinating fabrics and working with the simple shapes. Katherine used a pattern from “Quilts! Quilts! Quilts!” by Diana McClun and Laura Nownes.

“A ‘Maizing’ Southwest” (#40) is by Anne Uruburu, who served as President of the Library’s Board of Trustees. This was an 18-month project for Anne, who met for weekly sessions with her friend Barbara, during which they each constructed their own version of the pattern, by Arlene Walsh Designs. Quilted by Linda de Vries of Flagstaff.

“Getting Gas” (#45) is by Sara Friesen, who works as a Computer Volunteer. This quilt uses the classic “drunkard’s path” design.

“Tiffany Brickway” (#58) is by Krista Otto, who volunteers at the Circulation Desk. Krista created this quilt after seeing something like it in a catalog. It is for her youngest grandson, a spunky young fellow.

“Celtic Knot” (# 63) is by Joanne Brosz, who worked for many years at the Circulation Desk. Joanne had a stash of St. Patrick’s Day fabrics, and she knew they had a home when a Celtic knot block was presented as “block of the month” at a Red Rock Quilters meeting. Joanne machine pieced this quilt and did the long arm quilting.
We hope that you enjoy another delightful show of quilts and stories. We are fortunate to have a talented community of quilters in our area, who generously share their treasures with us.

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