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Library Offers Novel Dinner for Fundraiser

Everyone is invited to Novel Night on October 1, an innovative event supporting Sedona Public Library in the Village. You can choose from seven amazing book-themed costume dinnerparties hosted in the Village of Oak Creek from 5-7 p.m., and then attend the After Party at the Village Library for continued entertainment at 7:30 p.m. Order your tickets soon, they’re going to go fast. Remember, it’s a rank-choice voting system, so first-come first-served! Get the party that’s just right for you! Visit to learn more. 

From 5 -7 p.m. you’ll enjoy a novel-themed dinner. Each party will be unique and will include refreshments and cocktails, a full meal, entertaining activities, and special treats that are all novel related. You are guaranteed to be greeted by festive décor and costumed hosts and guests. 

Maybe dressing up in formal wear and dining with Nick Caraway and friends is what you’d like? Then you should attend Meet the Gatsbys. Or maybe you’re nostalgic for long days out on the range, and a chuck wagon dinner with cowboy poetry sounds just right, then make your first choice the party celebrating The Call of the Canyon.

Of course, everyone is feeling a little “mad” these days, so A Mad Tea Party with a cigar-smoking Caterpillar and Red Queen might be the party for you. Or perhaps just getting away from it all and traveling Around the World in 80 Dayswith Phileas Fogg is how you’d like to spend the evening. The choices are many and the hosts can’t wait to meet youon October 1. 

That’s part of the intrigue of this special event, you won’t know who your host is until you arrive! The dinners serve as a community event that will foster new relationships with neighbors or residents. You may dine with folks you’ve never met, but you’ll definitely have two things in common: you love a great party and you support Sedona Public Library in the Village! 

We know we have lots of dog lovers–and do we have a party for you! Dress up as a dalmatian, or any dog you choose, eat pork chops (bone-in, of course), and roll over for the 101 Dalmatians party. But if a pretty garden party is more your thing, somewhere beautiful like the Virunga Mountains, then celebrate the Land of a Thousand Hills, with food, flowers, and African Décor designed to soothe. You can dress in your summer best, safari gear, or favorite wildlife. 

Finally, as it’s election season, maybe you’re in the mood to celebrate the right to vote for women! Then you can attend the party that honors the suffragettes and suffragents of the early 20th Century. Costumes and menu will be themed for 1915, and remember, prohibition will not be enforced!  

Proceeds from these parties will support programs and services at Sedona Public Library in the Village. In the first eight months since the Village Library opened, the program line-up is full, the services are many, and door counts average 100 visitors every day. 

Programs include Storytime; English as a Second Language; Notary Public Wednesdays; Tech Tuesdays; and the Library was excited to host the Arizona Science Center’s Camp Innovation this month. The Library also has two small meeting rooms and the Javelina Room (available soon) with seating for up to 80 participants. There are two beautiful outdoor furnished patios, plenty of inside seating, and Wi-Fi. This new library branch can do so much more with the community’s support, and what better way to show how much you care than to attend the most novel fundraiser in town! 

After a lively and lovely dinner, guests head over to the Village Library for desserts, champagne, cocktails, and a silent auction. (Safe drivers will be available). Guests can show off their costumes, compete for prizes, and take photos in thephoto booth. There will be dancing with music provided by Lyra who is planning a set list to reflect the many themesof the evening. The silent auction will include fabulous gift baskets, massages and spas, and specialty items includingsigned originals by renowned artist Calvin Toddy, and much more. 

Themed dinners have different capacities, so some may fill more quickly than others. Again, it’s important to order your tickets soon. The cost for one guest is $100 and includes the themed dinner and After Party. Your dinner choices can’t be guaranteed, but there is simply no bad choice in the party options! Learn full details at, click on the Novel Night logo, and order your tickets today! There’s plenty of time to plan your costume and tell your friends.  

Many thanks to our sponsors including Sedona Village Partnership, Red Rock Café, Arts Academy of Sedona, and Sedona Vista Village. Interested in sponsoring this fun event? For all questions, contact Anne Marie at See you on Novel Night! 

As published in the Red Rock News

Library News Column for July 29, 2022 
Written by Anne Marie Mackler, Development Director


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