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Quantifying quite qualified & quintessential quilters

As the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Tomorrow, Saturday, March 2, will be the conclusion of the 29th Annual Quilt Show at the Sedona Public Library. If you haven’t had a chance yet to enjoy the breathtaking beauty and craftsmanship and skill of over 92 amazing hand-crafted quilts on display against the architectural beauty of the library, this is your last chance. 

Every year the quilt show is a visual feast brought to you by the partnership between Red Rock Quilters and Sedona Public Library. The Red Rock Quilters is a group of dedicated artists, going strong in the Verde Valley since 1986. Their hard work and planning made this year’s quilt show the best show ever! Quilters were literally beaming as they delivered their quilts, and curious staff and patrons watched with wonder. When the show opened on January 8, we were beaming right along with them. It’s an annual joy to see the Library so alive with such gorgeous art. 

It is always a sight to behold, especially in the morning, when the sun shines in, to look up, and be inspired and amazed. My favorite quilt, and yes, I’m biased because I’m a cat dad, was Quilt #23 “Cat Stairway to Heaven” by Janet Washburn. I’m sure my cats, “Big” David, Manolo, and Mr. Franklin Edward Bottomsley, Esquire, Attorney at Meow, non-practicing would have loved it. 

Quilt show attendees in January and February had the opportunity to vote for their favorite quilts in four categories: Large Quilt, Small Quilt, Wear and Carry, and the President’s Challenge Quilt and the theme was “Many Roads Taken.” The results are in, the ribbons are hung, so come by and see the winners. 

Sedona Quilters Hall of Fame award winner: 

Quilt #2: “Chaos in Circles” by Tracey Thie 

Large Quilt category (greater than 180 inches diameter): 

1st Place: Quilt # 8 “Heading Down at Sunrise From the Grand Canyon” by Patsy Kittredge 

2nd Place: Quilt # 5  “Indian Basket” by Cyndy Cook 

3rd Place: Quilt # 39  “Barn Heart” by Sharon Angelo 

Small Quilt category (smaller than 180 inches diameter): 

1st Place: Quilt #65  “Sunflowers” by Audrey Ferguson 

2nd Place: Quilt #50  “Spring” by Joyce Bethune 

3rd Place: Quilt # 52  “Smith Rocks” by Cyndy Cook 

Wear and Carry category (in the display case) 

Quilt #80 “Roadrunner” by Karen Gieske 

 President’s Challenge (on the stone pillars) 

Quilt # C4 “Whimsical Posies” by Lori Feine 

Along with the opportunity to admire the quilts, a highlight of the show was the return of Demo Days. Just like when pop culture fans attend the big conventions in San Diego or in Phoenix, Demo Days served as a 2-day event where beginners and quilting aficionados had the opportunity to learn more about the craft and participate in creating their own take-home projects.  

Lori Feine, show chairperson, said, “Demo Days were a great success with over 223 attendees. We presented on many topics of interest. We also hosted the only certified quilt appraiser in Arizona, Joyce Larsen who spoke about fiber arts care and appraised multiple quilts.” 

So what are you waiting for? Hop in the car, use your chevrolegs, and head to the library to take one last look at these marvelous quilts. Yes, it’s always poignant when the show ends and we can no longer marvel at our favorite quilts. But we have an entire year to work with our partner, the Red Rock Quilters and plan next year’s show. 

Thank you to all the fiber artists who shared their talent with our community. We appreciate you for your time and skill, and look forward to the 30th Quilt Show at the Library.  

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As published by Red Rock News

Library News Column for March 1, 2024  
Written by Jan Marc Quisumbing, Scheduling Coordinator


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