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When It Rains, It Pours, and Drips and Puddles and …

The Arizona monsoon season begins approximately mid-June and rolls through the month of September. And we’ve had a chance to experience nature’s majesty both from the recent lightning dancing across the skies over Thunder Mountain to heavy pounding rain that turned the streets red, to the ever so constant drip-drip-drip of water from above. And the latter was, yep, at the Library. 

You may have noticed that large hole in the ceiling, above Steve, the library’s Tyrannosaurus Rex. As surely you know, the library was built from the ruins of an old pirate ship that washed ashore on the Verde River. The beams you see in the ceiling were salvaged from the ship’s mast. Long ago, we discovered an old treasure map tucked behind a loose stone in one of the many library pillars. 

The map said that treasure was buried right above Steve. Jordan, our intrepid Teen Librarian, and amateur treasure hunter, went searching for the treasure but all he found for his troubles was a leaking pipe. Thus, the aforementioned dripping. 

Speaking of teens, to escape the summer heat, we installed a new hydroponic floor in the Teen Area to keep it nice and cool. We haven’t quite worked out the kinks yet, so for now, the teen area will be closed off. As the old saying goes, when it rains it pours, and sometimes puddles, and more puddles, appear even in the library! Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience. 

A leak here, a leak there, everywhere a leak leak. Well folks, c’mon. The building is, after all, 30 years old, and there have been some pretty fierce storms. But nary a program or event was cancelled, and not an item in our collection was ever at risk.  Granted, it was a tad noisy for a few days, between the drips, the shop-vacs, and the lift going up and down, but through it all, the library remained open to serve the community. 

When it rains it pours, and there’s good news, too! Yes, it’s summertime—and it is a great time to brighten spaces that have been dark for too long! If you’ve noticed improved lighting at the Library, you can help us thank Isabel and David Simmer. “The Library’s Community Room is one of the best meeting spaces in Sedona,” David said. “We were glad to make it even better with a crisp new look.” Isabel, a local textile artist who has showcased quilts and weavings at the Library, noted, “Artwork displays deserve beautiful natural lighting, we were so glad to help make that happen.” With the support from the Simmers, lighting was refreshed and updated through the building, and beautiful, new, working window shades have been installed in the Community Room. The view is beautiful! 

Those new shades made their debut on Wednesday, June 26, during our Lowell Observatory program. Don’t worry, for those who could not attend and were on the waitlist, Jeffrey Hall, the observatory’s Executive Director, will be back to present his talk at a future date.  

And wait, there’s more good news. Anne Marie Mackler, Development Director, reports that in Fiscal Year 2023/2024, 494 community members donated over $449,804 to the Library. That’s a lot of programs, events, displays, things to check out, and classes, all for free! When it rains, it pours! 

What are these programs you ask? You can find out by visiting the library website, and clicking the ‘Calendar of Events’ tab. Don’t forget, we have two locations so make sure you’re looking at the right calendar when planning your visit to attend a program. There’s plenty to choose from throughout July including the ever-expanding wellness series. 

If you’ve been feeling challenged to get more active get healthier, and get outdoors, but you can’t afford or find classes that are right for you, then check out our new “Getting Better Together” project. With amazing funding from the Friends of The Sedona Library and the Library & Services Technology Act (LSTA)*, free wellness opportunities abound. Enjoy continuing yoga, Tai Chi, dance, and Qigong classes; and watch for new offerings including disc golf, cooking, sound healing, and gardening. There will be opportunities for all ages, indoors and out, at both locations. Stay tuned. 

We hope the good news rain keeps coming, and we appreciate your patience as we keep this library in ship-shape. (Pun definitely intended.) But we’re now entering the dog days of summer. What better way to keep cool and dry than to come in, check out a book, use a computer, catch up with a friend, or attend a library program. And, don’t forget, Act One Culture Passes are free to check out with your library card if you’re planning a trip outside of town. 

Your support makes a huge difference to our community. Sedona Public Library is an independently run, 501(c)(3), privately owned, debt-free, non-profit organization providing public services. Support comes from the City of Sedona; your property tax dollars from Coconino County; diminishing property tax dollars from Yavapai County, and businesses, foundations, and individuals like you, and the amazing Friends of the Sedona Library who have supported the Library for more than 55 years. Please visit us at 

*This project is supported by the Arizona State Library, Archives & Public Records, a division of the Secretary of State, with federal funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. 

As published by Red Rock News

Library News Column for July 5, 2024
Written by Jan Marc Quisumbing, Scheduling Coordinator


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