Fifty Things Your Library Does for You for Free

As published in the Red Rock News. ​As we often do at this time of year, we look back on all we’ve accomplished and consider what the approaching year might bring. We review, calculate, remember, snap our fingers and say, “Oh, that’s right, I need to write that down.” And, if you’re like me, the […]

Getting to know your library staff: Kay Bork

As published in the Red Rock News One of the best things about working at Sedona Public Library is learning people’s library stories. Everyone has one and most rave about getting their first library card; remembering a favorite librarian who helped them hone their love for reading books; favorite books they check out again and […]

What a difference a year makes

As published in the Red Rock News. Hello Red Rock News readers! December 6 marked my first full year at Sedona Public Library as its Program and Marketing Coordinator. However 2022 marked my third year working in what I affectionately call “library land.” It’s no different than when I worked at previous places of employment. […]

Reviewing SPL’s efforts to keep readers informed

As published in the Red Rock News Hello Red Rock News readers! Next month will mark my first year as the Program and Marketing Coordinator at Sedona Public Library. My first few months at the Library were a bit of a whirlwind. My first day consisted of a planning meeting for the annual quilt show, […]

Renewing more than books

Happy Black Friday! Hopefully you are relaxing with family and friends, enjoying yummy leftovers after a strenuous hike along a gorgeous red rock trail, or maybe you’re going out shopping or making your holiday lists. No matter how you spend this weekend and the start of the holiday season, please remember that Giving Tuesday is […]

Courtyard opening draws 400 marshmallow-loving guests

As published in the Red Rock News If you saw adults in town last Sunday with sticky marshmallow on their faces, and wondered where they’d been, you needn’t have looked any further than the new Friends of Sedona Library Fire Circle in Sedona Public Library’s Courtyard. Residents, friends, neighbors, and even a few out-of-town guests […]

What a year it’s been at the Village Library

 As Published in the Red Rock News Hello Red Rock News readers! We’re celebrating! Just a year ago, on November 4, Sedona Public Library opened its new branch in the Village of Oak Creek. Happy Anniversary! Nearly 200 community members joined us that day to celebrate this addition to the Big Park community. It’s been […]

Library courtyard will open on Nov. 13 with hot chili

As published in the Red Rock News Don’t miss the Grand Opening of the Courtyard! It will be loads of fun with a ribbon cutting and remarks, music, chili and chips, marshmallows for roasting around the fire, beverages, bubbles, and more. See you Sunday, November 13 at 3 p.m. until dusk! If you are a […]

Library now open Wednesday Evenings

As published in the Red Rock News Hello Red Rock News readers! We have great news: Sedona Public Library is now open until 8 p.m. on Wednesday evenings. This allows us to better serve the community and the many patrons who typically finish their workday after we have already closed, like Steve.  Recently on a […]

Novel fundraiser for library a rousing success

As published in the Red Rock News On Saturday, October 1, Sedona Public Library celebrated the new Village Library with Novel Night, an inaugural fundraising event designed to celebrate literature, literacy, community, and ultimately food, fun, and friends. The event was a tremendous success, and as hoped, it serves as the first of what we […]