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Chromebook Laptop & Wi-Fi Hotspot Lending program

Tech2GoSedona Public Library offers Tech2Go, a FREE technology lending service. With Tech2Go, Sedona Library cardholders can check out individual Wi-Fi hotspots or Chromebook laptops, as well as Chromebook & Hotspot kits, for use at home or on the go.

  • Wi-Fi Hotspots
    Wi-Fi hotspots allow portable, wireless access to the internet on your tablet, smartphone, or laptop computer. They can be used anywhere that free internet access is not available and cell service is available. Each Wi-Fi hotspot can connect to four devices simultaneously.
  • Chromebook Laptops
    Chromebooks are easy-to-use, lightweight laptops that run the Chrome operating system, which is similar to the Chrome web browser.
  • Chromebook/Hotspot Kits
    Chromebook/Hotspot Kits include a Chromebook, a lightweight laptop (which runs on the Chrome operating system), and a wireless hotspot device for connecting to the internet.

Borrowing Guidelines

  • Patrons can check out a Wi-fi hotspot, Chromebook, or Chromebook/Hotspot Kit with a valid YLN library card in good standing.
  • Patrons must be 18 years or older. 
  • One Wi-fi hotspot, Chromebook, or Chromebook/Hotspot kit per household.
  • Simple instructions are included. Chromebooks also come with a mouse and mousepad.
  • Lending period is two weeks, with no renewals. (Chromebook laptop or Chromebook/Hotspot kits can be checked out again, but the borrower must be physically present for a subsequent checkout.) 
  • Holds are allowed.
  • Hotspots, Chromebooks, and Chromebook/Hotspot kits can only be checked at SPL and must be returned to a staff member inside Sedona Public Library by the due date.
  • Borrowed devices may NOT be returned in the book drop. Patrons will be charged $3-$5 for returning hotspots, laptops, or kits in the book drop.
  • Late fee is $1 per day for Wi-fi hotspots, $5 for Chromebooks, and $5 Chromebook/Hotspot Kits. All cables and original cases must be included.
  • Patrons must sign a Check Out Agreement to borrow a device.

Replacement Costs

  • Wifi hotspot: Replacement cost is $100 ($75 for hotspot, $15 for plug/cable, $15 for case).​​
  • Chromebook Laptop: Replacement cost is $400.
  • Chromebook/Hotspot Kit: Replacement cost is $500.

Usage and Policies

Wi-Fi hotspot borrowers must agree to the terms of the Wi-Fi Hotspot Checkout Agreement (en español: Acuerdo De Retiro De Punto De Acceso Wi-Fi), as well as comply with the Library’s Internet Usage Policy.

Wi-Fi hotspots use Sprint/T-Mobile networks to provide internet access. Coverage may be limited in certain areas where there is no clear access to a nearby Sprint/T-Mobile tower. Patrons are subject to these policies:

Patrons who check out a Chromebook must agree to the terms of the Chromebook Checkout AgreementChromebook/Hotspot Kit borrowers must agree to the Chromebook/Hotspot Kit Checkout Agreementas well as comply with the Library’s Internet Usage Policy. Chromebook/Hotspot borrowers must also agree to the Wi-Fi Hotspot Sprint/T-Mobile terms above.

Sedona Public Library hotspots are paid for by a generous grant from the Arizona Community Foundation.

This project is supported by the Arizona State Library, Archives & Public Records, a division of the Secretary of State, with federal CARES Act funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.