Mission, Vision, Values


We are the heart of the community, where people gather, friendships are forged, lives are enriched, and ideas are cultivated. ​


We create community by fostering lifelong learning and building connections, and open a door to the world through empowering information, inspiring ideas, and engaging experiences.


Excellent Service. We are welcoming to all–dedicated to delivering exceptional, friendly, and knowledgeable service that is responsive to the needs of every individual in a warm and inviting environment.

Community. We are engaged in our community, and collaborate with each other as neighbors and friends, with compassion, courtesy, fairness, and respect.

Curiosity. We honor each person’s interests and questions about the world, and encourage individual development, exploration, investigation, learning, and innovation through all we offer.

Intellectual Freedom. We provide uncompromising access to a full range of information, allow for open discussion of different points of view, and protect the privacy and confidentiality of all information-seekers.

Accountability. We make efficient and effective use of the donors’ and taxpayers’ funds committed to our care, and are accountable for all our actions at all levels.