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Sedona’s picturesque landscape has inspired plenty of writers throughout the years. Check out our catalog for a list of books written by Sedona authors or written by Verde Valley authors. ​

Filmed in Sedona

Sedona’s mild seasons, abundant sunshine, and breathtaking views have attracted filmmakers to our town for decades.
For a more comprehensive history read, “Arizona’s Little Hollywood.
See this list of movies made in Sedona including their availability in both Sedona and the Yavapai Library Network.
Sedona Film Office
Sedona International Film Festival

Sedona Film Festival Picks

The Sedona International Film Festival is an eight-day film festival held annually in Sedona.
The festival was founded in 1994. Each year, audiences and the next generation of filmmakers come together from all over the world to participate in this inspiring celebration of the power of independent film.
Feature films, documentary films, short films, animated films, and student films are screened.